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Different Types of Tours

If you are going to visit a certain place, you’ve already made a considerable dent in your budget, therefore, you should opt for tours that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Typically, a travel group will be collected at the airport when they arrive at their vacation destination. The group will then board a tour bus that will drop them at their hotel and also provide day trips around the city.

Nowadays, specialty land tours are becoming increasingly popular: white water rafting tours, wine tasting tours, and horseback riding tours. All these tours require the travelers and guides to have a certain level of skill.


“If you are going to visit a

certain place, you should opt for

tours that won’t burn a hole

in your pocket.”


To help you choose the best tour according to your personal preferences, here are the three main types of tours:

Sightseeing Tours

Different Types of Tours

Although the most popular ways of sightseeing is by a coach or a bus, some tour guides provide walking tours in areas such as New York where the vehicle traffic is too hectic. Not only will you see amazing landmarks but you will also hear a lot about the history behind them.

A long distance sightseeing tour might make use of a step-on tour guide. This guide is usually based in a particular town or at attraction sites to narrate that part of the tour to people. For instance, when on a tour of Alaska, a step on guide might join you at a specific point to provide detailed information about an attraction.


Sporting and Adventure Tours

Different Types of Tours

Adventure tours are very popular, as they add some exploration to your trip. Sports and adventure fans can enjoy tours that are tailored to their needs and led by an expert tour guide. If you want to take part in an adventure or sport tour, you need to show your expertise for that particular sport and provide the necessary qualifications.

For instance, if you want to take a mountaineering tour, you should be good at scaling mountains safely and possess a mountaineering guide certificate. Many tour companies cater to special interest clients such as bikers, sailors, river rafters, and horse riders. The most popular areas for adventure and sporting tours include the Amazon forest and the Alaskan wilderness. 

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Shore Excursion Tours

Different Types of Tours

Shore excursions are usually a part of cruise ship itineraries and they include charter yachts and river cruise ships. Before you book this type of tour, you should look at the tour tickets & pricing first and plan your budget around them. Sea travel usually leads tourists to different ports on country coastlines, which are fun to explore.

Many times, the cruise liner will strike deals with resorts and vendors on the shore to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Shore excursion guides will give you the best narration of the shore and beach. Often times, these tours last for several hours and include lunch.

Your excursion could include trips to several shopping hotspots, scenic regions, and museums. These guides can either travel on the cruise ship or stay at the different ports you visit.

Other Tours

Different Types of Tours

Aside from the main three tour types, there are safari tours, eco tours, hunting tours, and fine arts tours. Tour companies will choose a particular type of tour for its clients. If you prefer, you can also choose to combine your tours into a single fun experience.

The typical European tour itinerary could start with cycling tours and end up on a cruise ship. What you choose to do is completely up to you because you are paying for the trip. Just make sure you get the most bang for your buck.


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